Architecting Freelance Toolkit - Devlog #002

31st Dec, 2022

Architecture goals

  • A solid, cohesive core user experience
    • Desktop-first experience
    • Using Laravel & React.js
    • Using Tailwind & Tailwind UI
  • An modular approach to app features
    • Plug-and-play features with well defined interfaces
    • Common REST API between modules
    • Seamless integration between app features
  • Full support for command palette/keyboard navigation
  • Full data separation for each client/tenant

Initial Modules

Core Modules

  • Contacts - Store the contact details for people and organizations.
  • Activities - Record activities and events associated with contacts.

Additional Modules

  • Prospecting - Keep track of prospective clients.
  • Sales - Manage your deals pipeline and contracts.
  • Projects - Manage client projects.
  • Timesheets - Record time entries against activities.
  • Helpdesk - Support customers via an email helpdesk.

Future Module Ideas

  • Invoicing - Billing and reporting for projects.
  • Business Metrics - Keep track of how your business is performing.
  • Social Feed - Subscribe to updates from your contact's social media feeds.